How Wonder Woman Can Seize The DCEU

April 24, 2017

How Wonder Woman Can Seize The DCEU

As beloved as DC’s comic characters are, it’s fair to say that the DCEU has gotten off to a rocky start. There are plenty of hardcore fans out there who have appreciated the loyalty the early films have shown to the comics, But projects like Man Of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and Suicide Squad just haven’t been as well regarded as the majority of the Marvel movies. DC is playing from behind, and still looking for a film that can break through with the same impact as the average MCU installment.

Wonder Woman is up next, and there’s a chance it could be the one to buck the trend. Fans’ excitement for this movie is starting to boil over as the studio releases mo9re promo materials (we recently pointed to some brand new concept art), and it seems that the public is more than ready for the film. Here are a few ways Wonder Woman can seize control of the DCEU and start it on a new course.

The Suit Could Catch On

Wonder Woman’s costume has always been among the most recognizable comic book hero outfits, and that makes the character’s appearance a big part of the coming movie. Syfy Wire posted a whole article about the evolution of the suit, pointing out how it’s changed over the years. We got a glimpse of Wonder Woman in Dawn Of Justice, with her own feature film her suit might just catch on in the same way that the modern Iron Man armor did for Marvel.

She Could Excel In Gaming

It’s no small thing that a lot of the most mainstream superheroes out there have become the focal points of online video games that reach thousands of players. Looking through Casino Source’s list of featured games at a variety of casino sites, you’ll find that Wonder Woman is already included in this club. And that's before she even gets her own movie. These games are usually variations on classic slot reels that use a range of licenses that include popular movies, character, and more. If the movie is successful then Wonder Woman is going to reach even more people, and could become just as big as marquee heroes like Batman and Superman.

The Sequel Could Be Fast-Tracked

It seems like a given that there will be a sequel to Wonder Woman if it's even moderately successful. Though such a project hasn't been made official yet, director Patty Jenkins is already talking about ideas for how it might go. Given this hint at early development, it’s easy to see the sequel advancing quickly if Wonder Woman’s release goes well. DC and Warner Bros. have other projects in the works, but if this begins to look like their baby they’re not going to ignore demand for a sequel.

The Film Could Dominate

Also, Wonder Woman could simply dominate the box office. This movie is kind of an experiment. It’s really the first modern superhero film with a female lead, and right now it seems like it's going to be a big, big hit. Many fans have some hesitation where the DCEU is concerned, but the early vibe is that the same fans might be willing to give Wonder Woman a chance. It seems possible she could completely take over the cinemas and earn critical approval on the way, which would make her the new centre of the DCEU.

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