We're in Box Lunch by Hot Topic

January 11, 2017

We're in Box Lunch by Hot Topic

As we continue to expand, we are starting to appear in some Box Lunch stores across the nation! Box Lunch is the sister store to Hot Topic. It appeals to a little more mature fan with more sophisticated taste. Box Lunch has been a great partner for us and they will be featuring more of our merchandise over 2017. To start off, our Batman Heavy Peacoat are currently in these 6 stores:

  • Knoxville, TN
  • Schaumberg, IL
  • Orland, IL
  • Bloomington, MN
  • Columbia, MD
  • Wauwatosa, WI

Since the Peacoat is a heavy winter item, it's been sent to their cold weather stores. If you have friends in these areas, tell them about our Batman Peacoat at Box Lunch. More sales means we'll get more opportunities. Be on the look out for more merchandise coming out this Spring! Also, what makes Box Lunch so special is that for every $10 dollars spent, a meal is purchased for someone in need. Pretty heroic!

To find out more about Box Lunch and their locations, click here.

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