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As the Coronavirus crisis grows, the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) needs escalate around the country. N95, KN95 and Medical Masks are in shortage in hospitals and medical facilities all around the US. Through our manufacturing pipeline in China, we do have access to a limited amount of various face masks. However, they are not cheap since they are unavailable almost everywhere. Each case is about $350, so for every few hundred dollars donation, we can order masks and have them sent to directly to hospitals in need. We will cover shipping and handling charges. We currently are inundated with face mask requests so please be patient with us as we do our best to follow up. We know that times are tough right now so if you are in need, please just support this cause by sharing on social media. If you have the extra funds, please donate to this cause and help get needed needed medical supplies to our US hospitals and nursing homes.

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