A Hero's Choice

May 23, 2016

A Hero's Choice

"Who's your favorite superhero?" A pretty common question for an icebreaker or even a nerd reality check. When it comes to the Justice League of America, the choice doesn't get any easier. I mean, you can't just narrow it down to just one, can you? They're all individually amazing in their own world, and when they come together, their abilities are expressed in totally complimentary ways!

Yet somehow, we're drawn to one character for particular reasons. Maybe it's their strength and abilities. Maybe it's their style. Maybe it's their color coordination, or maybe it's their human-like weaknesses that they deal with despite being considered a "hero."

Whatever the hero martini is that we're sipping, we're intoxicated with hope and aspiration despite all the chaos and villainy that our heroes go through as well as ourselves. But hope and aspiration aren't temporary. Sure, we may have an overdose via superhero movies or Comic Con vibes, but the desire to be good and heroic sticks with us.

We don't ever want to be seen as the jerk villain, the greedy corporate guy on a power trip, or even the mad neurotic scientist.

No. In some way, shape and form, we're the alien immigrant who above all else, treasures family and friends. We're the privileged person who turns their wealth into good for the community, or gets their hands dirty warrior princess style by fighting on the front lines. In some way, we're the test pilots who take initiative, trying new challenges with bravery and willpower.

Whatever your style is, your favorite color, or your way of helping this world be better today than it was yesterday, you can always choose to be a hero and live out hero-like qualities. Just take a look at the Justice League. It's a great start to find some good role models.

Which hero or heroine do you relate to most? Why?



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