Our Story


Our Story
For most of his adult life, Tony Kim has struggled to find fashion solutions that were both geeky and sophisticated. Like Kal-El traveling to Earth as a baby, the journey of interesting nerd apparel has been long and lonely. Then he and Michael Lew began collaborating on a number of fashion projects inspired by Tony's love for the San Diego Comic-Con. By early 2015, it became clear that it was time for something different. Hero Within was born and the conceptual phase began. A great team has formed and Hero Within became official in early 2016. DC superheroes is where it all started with Tony many years ago- so it is an honor to partner with DC Comics™ for the launch of Hero Within's first collection. In the spring of 2018, Hero Within added the Marvel Comics license and then Star Trek in late 2019.

We Understand Geeks
Hero Within is a lifestyle fashion brand that celebrates the heroism found in all of us. We are fanboys and fangirls with many nerd passions but also love to create inspired geek fashion. Our passion is to merge sophisticated outerwear that both reflects our love for pop culture and represents that we are serious influencers in business, culture and in the community.

Our Core Values: Integration, Empowerment and Sophistication


Who are we?

  • We are passionate
  • We are nerds
  • We have fun
  • We love Comic Cons
  • We embrace change
  • We take risk
  • We like to say yes
  • We celebrate people
  • We advocate for the marginalized
  • We want to inspire change in our world!


    The Justice League of Hero Within

    Tony B Kim
    Founder and CEO
    Twitter: @Crazy4ComicCon
    Blog: Crazy4ComicCon.com
    Superpower: Twizzler consumption

    Trevor Kaihoi

    Director of Operations
    Twitter: @TrevKai
    Superpower: Supersuit maker

    Abby James
    Assistant to Tony Kim
    E-mail: Abby@HeroWithinStore.com

    Daniel Temple
    VP of Partnerships
    Twitter: @DanTemple 
    Superpower: Selling ice to an eskimos

    General Questions
    E-mail: Info@HeroWithinStore.com

    Questions? Comments? Snide remarks?
    For many of your questions, check out our FAQ page. We are always looking for great leaders that not only have a passion for pop culture but a vision to shape the future. If you are interested in collaborating, have media questions, feedback or want to join our team, then contact us!