Welcome to your favorite part of any website- the FAQ page! We appreciate your interest and thanks for helping us to become a customer focused company. If you still have questions after reading our FAQ, feel free to send us a message using the form below. Thanks for being our heroes!

What is Hero Within?

We are a fashion brand that blends sophisticated style with pop culture. We intergrate your favorite pop culture icons into the construction of each piece to create a never before scene fashion product. Learn more about us!

What makes Hero Within different from other geek brands?

Inspired by the heroes of various pop culture universes, our apparel is an authentic and creative expression of each character. We integrate the spirit of each character into the construction of our apparel. This means we use cleverly designed seams instead of screen printing, stitching embroidery or patches. The brand and the coat are one- not just applied as an afterthought. This innovative approach creates a subtle yet empowering experience for the wearer. We also use the highest quality material with a great attention to detail. Your Hero Within product are made to last.

Where can I see your product in person?

Our collection as a whole or part will be at various shows and events throughout the year. Here is a list of which Comic Cons we'll be at. We are also partners with brick & mortar stores like Box Lunch. Best place to stay updated is by signing up for our newsletter (bottom) or by checking out our Blog section.

What is your Return Policy?

Believe us, you will NOT want to return a Hero Within coat. But in the case that you do, customer satisfaction is important to us. If you are not satisfied, Hero Within will provide a full refund for any unwashed, unaltered, and unworn product within 10 days of when you receive your garment (Does not include shipping or customs fees). To start a return, email: info@HeroWithinStore.com. Hero Within is not responsible for lost items during shipping. You will have to contact either USPS, UPS or DHL.

Will you do an exchange?

Normally we ask you to follow the above Return Procedure and place a second order for the correct item. This will minimize delays and ensure receipt of the desired product. Contact Info@HeroWithinStore.com if you have questions.

Who makes your clothes?

Our manufacturers in California, the Middle-East and Asia. We ship out from the LA area. We only partner with ethically produced factories that offer safe environments and fair wages.

Will you offer big and tall?

We would certainly like to. Because of your feedback, we recently added 3X, 4X and 5X to our most recent inventory. We are hoping to continue to offer even more options soon.

Why is there variation in your product photos?

Photos have been taken in various states of development of each product. Some have been enhanced digitally so to see the distinct detailing. So there will be some minor differences but the overall product will not change. 

If an item is 'sold out' how can I get it later?

Make sure to submit an email on the sold out page. We place you on a wait list and will follow up with you on when to expect the item. There is also a Low Stock warning which lets you know when we are down to our final few pieces in a certain size.

How secure is your site?

Hero Within is hosted on Shopify, one of the most successful and secure online shopping platforms in the world. We are also SSL Certified and PCI Compliant (this means we're legit!). Your information could not be more secure even if it were kept in the Batcave.

Will you be creating more than coats and outerwear?

Absolutely. We've already expanded to woven shirts, t-shirts, jeans and sweaters- and this is just the beginning!

What does it mean that you are officially licensed by Marvel, DC Comics and Star Trek?

Hero Within has gone through the approval process with these parent companies (Disney, Warner Bro and Paramount) to utilize the characters and logos for our apparel line. 

How are your products made?

Each product is made with the highest quality materials and more importantly, in the safest and healthiest production environment. We make sure that Hero Within creates a sustainable system that values people and process. There were heroes behind the creation of each HW piece and we take great pride in partnering with them. Our factories are both in China, Pakistan and in LA.

Are you expanding to other brands? 

We just added Star Trek in late 2019. We will be expanding to other brands soon!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but the rates will be higher and the delivery will take longer. We ship through USPS and UPS so the rates and options will be listed at check out. Please note international customers are responsible for import fees.

What are my payment options?

Credit Card and Paypal.

How do I talk to a team member?

Please use the contact form below to send us questions, comment, snide remarks, feedback or a great nerdy joke!