Help your youngling find their hero within

June 27, 2016

Help your youngling find their hero within

As a geeky parent, I naturally want to introduce my daughter to my fandoms with the hopes that she will adopt them as her own.  I was very lucky in that my kid was a full-on geek from the beginning.  She immediately took to Star Wars like a duck to water.  I was so proud!  She began to explore her world and came into her own fandoms, namely Pokemon and My Little Pony.  She, in turn, has shared her fandoms with me.  

We got into Marvel fandom together, which is why it holds a special place in my heart.  I know this sounds a bit corny, but the day we saw, "Captain America: The First Avenger" together, is a day I won't ever forget.  Like I said, super corny, but true.  

Shared experiences with our kids makes them extra special, as any parent can attest to.  What I like the most about that, are the lessons learned by the both of us.  How to unleash that Hero Within. 

Being a real-life hero is not about punching bad guys.  It is about protecting the little guy.  It is about being the better guy.  It is about being the generous guy.  It is about showing the bad guy how to be a good guy.  The superhero movies and tv shows illustrate that in a very broad way, with punching and gadgets, but kids get the message.  The fact that you are right by their side sharing in the receipt of that message is a very big deal.  Do not diminish the impact of that.  

One of the best ways to live that heroic life everyday is to give yourself a constant reminder of what you stand for.  Also, show the World what you stand for.  Easy way to do that is through your fashion.  What?  No, really.  Everytime you look in a mirror, what do you see?  I see some type of reminder in my clothing that I am living my best and truest life possible.  Also, I'm having fun in my everyday life.  I love everyday cosplay for that very reason.  Fashion is an expression of yourself, so why not express something that has deep meaning in your life, namely your fandoms?  Unleash that Hero Within!

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