5 Best Moments from the CW Crossovers

December 05, 2016

5 Best Moments from the CW Crossovers

Good news, the universe survived crossover week thanks to Supergirl, Flash, Arrow and the Legends team. "Heroes vs Aliens" was the most anticipated event of the year for the CW family of shows ever since they announced Supergirl was joining the network. There was already such positive chemistry between Kara and Barry from their previous encounter so smart of CW to bring the team together ASAP. This time a world dominating threat aptly called, the Dominators, forces all the heroes to join forces and the results were a action packed, bombastic and genuinely fun time. We feel Supergirl was the missing link to these shows and she bring next level powers and truly makes this team the 'super friends'. There were so many moments across all four episodes but here were our top 5:

1. What makes her super??
Supergirl posed an interesting dilemma since she is an alien herself. However, despite natural prejudice, she makes quite a first impression by flying and zapping her logo into the concrete floor. We reminded how imbalanced Kryptonians are to the rest of the human heroes as she dispatched them with ease in their training session. She is game changer which is why it's probably best that she stays on another Earth.

2. Hall of Justice
Anyone who was a fan of the Super Friends cartoon from a few decades back was thrilled to see Star Laboratories in the form of the classic Hall of Justice. For newer viewers this meant little but for long time veterans it was a thrill to see this cartoon monument come to life. There were several different shots of it during the week and we were delighted every time. All that was missing was the shooting star swipe from the cartoon!

3. Inception
In the Arrow episode the team goes under mind control from the Dominators and are living in a dream state. While we are generally not big fans of false reality scenarios, it was interesting to explore the 'what if' world of Oliver. It was especially great to see Katie Cassidy reprise her role as Laurel Lance. We didn't know how much we missed her until now and it was a sad seeing the dream come to an end- even if it was to save the universe. 

4. Team work makes the dream work
In the era of team ups, not only the TV but cinematic universes, what we really are all here to see are the massive showdowns. Like the 80s Super Friends or the 90s Justice League Unlimited, we want to see heroes shoulder to shoulder taking on the bad guys. The finale fight against a horde of Dominators was the legendary stuff only found in comic books. We wish it was longer and a larger scope, but hey, that's what the movies are for.

5. Easter Eggs
When you bring all these heroes together, part of the fun is discovering the hidden Easter Eggs. One of our favorites was when Brandon Routh says about Supergirl "She looks like my cousin...". Perfect considering he was the Man of Steel in Superman Returns a decade earlier. Obviously the show is written by fans, for fans.

Overall we were very pleased with the 'Heroes vs Aliens' crossover week. Are only complain was that the Supergirl episode wasn't integral and really just teased the story arc. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of annual crossovers to include Superman, Martian Manhunter and more. What did you think and what were your favorite moments?

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December 05, 2016

I loved the Flash/Supergirl tag team, and that Brandon Routh Easter Egg at the end was probably my favorite.

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