A Hero For All!

February 19, 2019

A Hero For All!

Even though Captain Marvel is one of the most anticipated movies of all time, we still are stunned the amount of hate it is receiving- even weeks before the movie comes out. As reported by several major outlets, Rotten Tomatoes has been flooded with 'angry reviews' by certain types of fans claiming that the marketing and lead actress are sexist. We have also experienced negativity whenever we post about Captain Marvel or Brie Larson. We don't get it and In fact, we could not be more excited to support this movie and hope that it changes the minds of many cynical fans out there. This whole situation reminds us of when we released the Wonder Woman Denim Jacket for men. We also received negative comments for showing men supporting a heroine- that is until the movie came out. Every fight- big or small is important. One step at a time and let's all embrace positivity and continue to fight for the under represented!

Speaking of Captain Marvel, our Flight Jacket production is finished and about to arrive to a galaxy near you! This means that the special preorder price ($119) is ending very soon. A ton of our male fans have asked about the fit. It may be sized for super-heroines but it’s styled for all fans! Guys, you just need to order a size or two up. For instance, our model Johnny (above) is a slim 6’2” and wears a Medium off the rack. He is modeling a Large jacket. Representing Captain Marvel is the perfect way to support Marvel's first leading lady. We are still on track to ship out the first week of March but we'll officially announce it once they arrive in our warehouse. They still have to pass through customs and get delivered so delays are possible. Remember, they ship out based on when orders were placed so order sooner than later! Order here.

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