Be Mischievous This Fall

October 16, 2019

Be Mischievous This Fall

Are you burdened with glorious purpose? Our soft Loki Crop Hoodie was first released at D23 Expo and sold out by the second day. We made more for New York Comic Con and have just a few left so order before they slip away into another dimension! Check out what Tristan had to say:

"It's my new favorite cropped hoodie! It's super soft on the inside, fits really well, and I got a ton of compliments on it. The logo hit on the front is subtle enough that it's not "in your face" Loki, and the back with his helmet and "glorious purpose" in gold foil is perfect! Cannot recommend enough! This was my first purchase from Hero Within, and it certainly won't be my last."

If you are still in doubt, just read the rest of the reviews on the product page! This hoodie is a must for any Loki fans.

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