Don't Miss that Magic Moment at Comic Con

July 18, 2016

Don't Miss that Magic Moment at Comic Con

With all the magic going on everywhere you look at Comic Con, you don't want to miss a moment whether you're capturing it on your phone or in your memory to tell of the unbelievable times that you'll never forget.

Here's how to best equip yourselves and not miss a moment:

External Battery - Having an external phone battery for travel, long outing and con event is vital. For one, the wi-fi and signal search could drain your phone dry. I even know some people who go Airplane mode until it's time to post. Two, there's plenty of walking and down time to simply hook up a battery for some extra juice.

Autograph This (App) - Autographs from celebs are coveted at Comic Con just as much as snapping pics with them. Autograph This allows you to snap a pic and then have the celeb sign the pic with his finger. Different e-markers are available, and you can even choose a pic from your photo library for them to sign if you don't have time to take one. And of course, you can share it with the world!

Take Now Post Later - Capturing the moment means, you have the moment right there on your phone. But some pictures aren't always worth posting right away or may benefit posting at a later time. For instance taking a pic during an epic panel, gathering your thoughts and seeing what else unfolds will give you a much better caption or recap for what you're about to share.

Be In the Moment - There are times when taking your phone out and scrambling for the camera to open aren't worth missing the moment. This is an old school approach of capturing the moment simply in your memory and then telling the story to someone with enthusiasm and character in lieu of today's tradition of social media. Contrary to the belief of "If it's not on Instagram, it didn't happen," your stories, especially in person are the best stories.

How do you best document your times at Comic Con? Through pics? Through blogs or podcasts?



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