Comic-Con Day 1 Highlights - Comic-Con Hoodie, Amazon Prime Experience

July 19, 2019

Comic-Con Day 1 Highlights - Comic-Con Hoodie, Amazon Prime Experience

Thursday has come and gone and the euphoria of the first day of the 50th anniversary San Diego Comic-Con is still setting in. Our Hero Within Team was all over the Con, from our booth, to off-site activations, to the Her Universe Fashion show. Here are a few of our highlights, and some of our favorite things we’ve seen come from the day!

Booth Buzz!

Our first day at the booth started off how most Cons begin - with a line. We were blown away that our first batch of the Comic-Con 50th anniversary hoodies sold out in under half an hour! The line was so long, we even have to form our first ever line cue for Friday-Sun! (You know you’ve made it when you get to have a “line starts here” sign.)

If you couldn’t snag a hoodie on day 1, don’t worry - we have more coming each morning. But be ready; if yesterday was any indication, The Flash has nothing on Comic-Con attendees, so get there as soon as possible on Fri-Sun morning!

Even if you can’t snag a hoodie, we have plenty of other joyous apparel, including our new Star Trek t-shirts and our ever popular Captain American Military Jacket.

Hero Within’s Caped Crusader

As a special thank you to fans all week, one of our team will be wandering around all weekend with our favorite Hero Within cape (throwback to our party last year!). Keep an eye out on twitter for when the cape is in play, and where you might find it. Whoever finds the cape first gets a free gift!

Yesterday, our Cape was found literally 4 minutes after it was shared on twitter (congrats @SummerBunnie!) Maybe this time, we’ll put on a pair of glasses - cause that always works as the best disguise.

Her Universe Fashion Show

As geek fashion connoisseurs, one of our favorite events each year is the Her Universe Fashion show. Once again, Ashley Eckstein assembled a beautiful collection for an exquisite show.

Her Universe SDCC

Adria Renee (right) w/Destination Isla Nublar won judges favorite, and Sarah Hambly (left) w/Bodak Green won the audience favorite for her "Loki if he were Cardi-B" inspired dress! There was also a spectacular She-Ra inspired dress! Check it out! (And see the video of a She-Ra inspired powersuit here!)

A huge congrats to the whole team! Be sure to check out more of the photos from their twitter and the Her Universe instagram!

Her Universe ashley Ackstein

Prime Video Off-Site Activation

Yesterday, our team spent some time off site at the Prime Video activation, featuring Carnival Row, The Expanse, and The Boys. Admission to the main arena is free, but there is a line. It's definitely worth it though, as admission grants you access to a lovely place to chill - and each guest gets five "coins" that are exchangeable for treats such as pretzel bites, fresh fruit, or the number one seller, popsicles. The best part is that you do not need a Comic-Con badge!

Prime Video

But don't use your coins all in one place, though! Each show has a mini activation within the arena, which allows you to participate in a specific venture. We did The Expanse activation, a special treat if you love the show. Once you enter, you get to join the UN to investigate unrest at a outer colony. It's especially fun if you really get involved and participate (I recommend finding a Belter and asking what you can do to help!). And if you save a coin, you may find yourself with a token of Belter appreciation. Oh! And free temporary tattoos. (Note: do yourself a favor and bring sunscreen/protective sun clothing/water. There are many places that are shaded, but not all the lines are 100% shaded).

We didn't get a chance to visit the Carnival Row activation, but heard amazing things. There are also places to grab great snacks (we recommend the pretzel bites!), take photos with fairy wings (see our social media gal as Hipster Fairy), and even have a professional photographer take your cosplay photos!

pretzel bites prime video

Overall, if you get there early, it is definitely worth the wait.


Even at the Prime Video activation, we found some amazing cosplays, including one of our favorite Supes taking over The Boys garage.

And our Activation Line Buddies (admit it, the best part of Comic-Con is making friends in line), Beast Boy and Raven!

And then, there was this excellent, uncanny Keanu Reeves that really had us actually wondering if it was him.

Keanu Reeves Comic Con SDCC Cosplay

Friday's Schedule:

Today, you can find us at our Building a Geek Brand panel at noon at the Marriott Marquis Grand 10, as well as on the DC Stage at 2:30. And don't forget to follow us on twitter for live updates all day!

Building a Geek Brand SDCC Comic-Con

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