Comic Con Palm Springs Recap!

August 28, 2017

Comic Con Palm Springs Recap!

We had a great few days in Palm Springs! Even under the 115 degree heat, we were able to chill with fans and have an awesome experience. It was the organizers 2nd year and our first time to exhibit. As expected, our Woven Shirt Collection sold very well in the heat along with the Wonder Woman Denim Jacket. We found that it was many people's first time to attend a Comic Con. We even had one gentleman that had no idea what a Comic Con was and he bought a ticket to find out. He also had no idea what any of these geek properties were so he was a bit overwhelmed. By the end of the day, he returned back to our booth because he thought our merchandise stood out from the rest and he even bought a Justice League shirt (even though  he doesn't know who they are!). Our favorite was this little fan (above) who was completely decked out in Flash from head to toe. We were able to complete his ensemble with our newly restocked Premium Flash Hoodie. We also had another guy who was a huge Batman fan but was adamantly opposed to wearing slim jeans. After some persuasion, he took a pair and wore it next day at the con. He came by our booth with his new Batman shirt/jeans combo and loved them! He was really happy he made the choice to give our jeans a try. That's our mission; to empower fans to upgrade their style and take their fandom to the next level. Overall we had a blast and we can't wait to return.

This weekend, we will be at Long Beach Comic Con exhibiting at booth 1022. Catch us there and join our Hero Within family!

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