Conan: The Geek of Late Night

July 11, 2016

Conan: The Geek of Late Night

It's pretty clear that Conan O'Brien isn't just the prince of late night, he's THE geek of late night television and arguably nerdier than any talk show host. From his Clueless Gamer segments to live cast interviews of the hottest shows and movies, Conan keeps this generation of nerds entertained from fandom to fandom.

Of course, the epitome of Conan's devotion to us nerds is his presence at San Diego Comic Con where he films a few shows during the week with powerhouse guests. This just adds to the enormity and well-deserved buzz of what's already happening in the Comic Con world even for those who are not in attendance.

Last year, Conan rode in to SDCC post-apocalyptic style as the infamous guitarist from Mad Max: Fury Road. We all loved him for it! He's hosted star-studded interviews with the cast of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, X-Men: Age of Apocalype, The Hunger Games, and it was all at the big dance: Comic Con.


This year, the celeb interviews only get bigger with the casts of Game of Thrones, coming off of their biggest season along with the cast of Suicide Squad.

Tickets to Conan's SDCC show have already "sold out", but there's still a chance for standby if you're in line and lucky. Same goes for the exclusive Conan Funkos. "What are thooooose?"

If Conan came in through Fury Road last year, who knows what he'll do this year? Maybe fly in with the Avengers on a dragon Game of Thrones style...either way, it will be epic coming from the Geek of late night!

For more on Conan at Comic Con:

Will you be seeing Conan O'Brien at Comic Con? What do you think your chances are of seeing Conan roaming San Diego?

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