Core Values: Empowerment

September 22, 2016

Core Values: Empowerment

Last week I started a series of posts that shares our core values and why they are important to our brand. I started with Integration with the idea that our fandom should be reflected in every aspect of our daily lives- not hidden or in the closet. Hero Within is about being a true authentic fan whether at school, work or play and our next value goes hand-in-hand with that idea.

As a kid, I remember the challenges of trying to fit in. My parents immigrated here from Korea just shortly before I was born to a very suburban and mono-ethnic part of North Dallas. While I have many fond memories of my childhood, it was also a very difficult time culturally since I was the only Asian around. Being the only minorities at my school, I often felt marginalized, got into a lot of fights and constantly mocked because I was 'different'. I even remember buying a pair of big dark sunglasses in an attempt to mask my 'Asian-ness'. It was a tough period in my life and led to wrestling with a lot of identity issues. There is nothing worst than feeling helpless in your own skin. 

This was one of the main reasons I gravitated towards comics and sci-fi in my youth and teen years. Becoming a young pop culture expert helped me not only discover my own passion but connect with the passion of others. It wasn't long before I was forming my own sci-fi clubs, hosting gaming events and leading movie outings. I embraced my passions and helped others do the same. At a young age, I didn't realize the privilege it was to help shape and influence the interests of others. I was able to create a safe space for fandom to exist- something I didn't have for myself. My fandom helped me go from helpless to empowered. 

This is why Empowerment is one of our core values for Hero Within. Our apparel should be a reminder that our fandom should give you strength and identity. Our passion for pop culture is not just a hobby or an adolescent fad, but it's a part of who we are. Most importantly, our fandom gives us the ability to help others connect and to create a safe place for fans to grow in their passion. There is nothing worst that the feeling of helplessness and we hope in some small way, that Hero Within can help bring a sense of pride to fans whether at school, work or play. Thanks for visiting today and feel free to share a comment of how your fandom has empowered you in your life.



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