Core Values: Sophistication

October 18, 2016

Core Values: Sophistication

Over the past few weeks, we've been casting the vision for our three core values of Hero Within. We first started with Integration. Then posted about the value of Empowerment. Today we share our third core value; Sophistication.  

I think sophistication is a misunderstood word when it comes to fashion- and certainly when it comes to geek culture. Typically, people associate the word sophistication as expensive, fancy or complex. While true in certain context, when we use the term sophistication, we think of it synonymous with being intentional, courageous and thoughtful. To us, being sophisticated is less about what you look like but more of a certain mindset. For too long, nerds and geeks have been stereotyped as sloppy, unkept and largely apathetic when it comes to fashion. To be honest, I think that is true to a large segment of society, not just indigenous to geek culture. However, at Hero Within, we think fans today have broken out of these stereotypes and have evolved into something more meaningful. Whether for school, work or play, we care what we look like. It has nothing to do with how expensive your tastes are or what labels are on the inside of your clothes. It's more about thoughtfully and courageously assembling an outer layer that represents who you really are. That might mean something as simple as a Doctor Who button, a distressed Star Trek t-shirt or sporting a Batman blazer. There is nothing more sophisticated than wearing a look that you are proud of and makes you feel courageous. This is why we put together the Justice League Collection. We wanted to provide coats, jackets and blazers that compliment what you currently have in your closet and provide a simple way to bring sophistication to your daily experience. Outerwear is just the beginning for Hero Within as pants, tees and shirts are all around the corner.

Thanks for reading and we hope our three core values, Integration, Empowerment and  Sophistication have resonated with you. We are more than an apparel company but we are a lifestyle brand for a new generation of geeks...Geeks that are changing the world. Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a heroic day!


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