Destination Nerd Panel at SDCC

August 10, 2016

Destination Nerd Panel at SDCC

While the kiddo and I didn't get to attend many of the panels at SDCC as we wanted to, we did get to go to the Destination Nerd panel, with Hero Within's very own Marlon on the panel.  It was pretty great with tons of great tips for traveling while nerd.

The panelists were: Anastasia Washington (Anastationtv, Legion of Leia), CuriousJoi (CuriousJoi, Icon) , Brittany Heyden (TenaciousBee Designs), Jasmine Rubero (TheBeheaded), Marlon (Nerd Coolture), Jennifer Kretchmer (Producer, Actress), Michelle I am Chubby Bunny Bradley (Geek and Sundry, Otaku Movie Anatomy) , and Katie Elhoffer (Elhoffer Design). Moderated by Emily Kelley (GameScribes).

The panelists discussed their ultimate nerdy destinations.  Great places discussed were Japan (because it is so very nerdcentric), Orlando obviously for Disney World as well as Hogwarts, NYC for Marvel locations and to go see "Hamilton" and the UK for castles and the Harry Potter tour.

The panelists also discussed fashion while traveling.  Bounding is key on trips while nerding out.  Cosplay is impractical, but bounding is a great way to express your fandom and be fashionable while traveling.  Scout and I love bounding.  It is a such a great way to be creative with your fashion and be practical for everyday wear.  Pintrest is a great place to get started with bounding ideas if you aren't sure how to get started.

I also picked up some great tricks for making travel easier and more secure.  Check out the Tripit app, put important information into a Dropbox, check out Tile to secure your bags and vodka cleans everything imaginable!  I did not know that.  Is there anything vodka can't do?  Apparently not!  I knew I liked you, vodka!

The kid and I are going to London this Christmas, so all these travel tips were super helpful.  What a great panel!

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