Fall Fashion, Avengers Style!

August 28, 2018

Fall Fashion, Avengers Style!

by Lavender Vroman

Despite the fact that the weather is still blazing hot in many places, the seasons will soon be changing, which means it’s time to think about fall fashion. But we also can’t stop thinking about “Avengers: Infinity War,” which recently became available for home viewing.

So, we came up with a fun compromise.

Many elements from the fall/winter collections that debuted during fashion week are surprisingly compatible with superhero looks, including monochromatic reds, hoods, high-shine fabrics, chunky combat boots, earth tones, technical outerwear, military wear, and lots and lots of leather.

We’ve adapted the runway trends of fall 2018 into playful homages to some of our favorite Avengers. You, too, can update your wardrobe with these stylish, superhero-inspired looks.

Black Widow

Like her fighting style, Natasha Romanoff’s wardrobe is streamlined, deadly, and precise. You can channel her by donning sleek active wear in black -- a leather moto jacket, black yoga pants, and chunky or classic combat boots. For fun, add an arrow necklace (in honor of Nat’s bestie, Hawkeye) or a gothic spider choker. You can also swap the leather jacket out for Hero Within’s Black Widow Cropped Hoodie. 


When it comes to fashion, the bravest Guardian of the Galaxy is a little bit space pirate, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. Rock her style by layering a brown leather trench coat over a white tank top and cropped black vest (try denim or a tuxedo style). Complete the look with black skinny jeans, a chunky or studded belt, and black over-the-knee platform boots. Accessorize with black leather cuffs.

Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff’s style is boho meets goth, just perfect for fall. If you’re going for casual, pull on high-waisted blue jeans, a black, striped tee, slouchy grey beret, long, hooded winter coat or puffer jacket, and ankle boots. Pile on the witchy jewelry, including handfuls of rings and layered goth necklaces. To embrace this fall’s trends even more, try the look with a prairie dress instead of the jeans and tee.

For a more battle-ready look, modeled on the season’s monochromatic red trend, try on a crimson corset top and black skinny jeans with a red coat and wide belt. Add fingerless gloves and a black knee-high lace-up boot with a chunky heel.

Black Panther

Fall’s turtleneck trend is tailor-made for regal Wakandan King T’Challa. If you came to slay, pair a black turtleneck sweater and leather trench coat. Complete the look with black jeans or tactical/cargo pants and athletic shoes or combat boots. If you’re looking for a more upscale look, Hero Within’s sophisticated Black Panther Car Coat is available for preorder.

Captain America

Steve Rogers’ classic, all-American style is inspired by the red, white, and blue. Start with a skinny Navy blue athletic pant with a racing stripe in red or white. Top it with a hoodie and a baseball cap emblazoned with Cap’s signature shield logo. Pull on a pair of combat or hiking boots and you’re ready for some winter soldiering. To really cap off this look, consider preordering Hero Within’s Captain America Military Jacket.


I honestly haven’t seen anything that embodies the God of Thunder’s style more subtly and strikingly than Hero Within’s Thor Wool Knit Puffer Jacket. If you’re a fan of the Asgardian superhero, you really should preorder it now.

However, if you’re looking for something you can put together yourself, pull on black jeans (or, if you’re feeling bold, some black leather pants) and a black stretch vest over a grey long-sleeved tee. Top it off with knee-high combat boots and a red trench coat that evokes Thor’s signature cape. Mjolnir or Stormbreaker optional.

Thanks Lavender! You can read more from her at No Man's Land Blog and leave a comment below

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