Fashion by Stranger Things

September 06, 2016

Fashion by Stranger Things

Unless you have been living in another parallel dimension, it's impossible to escape the explosive popularity of the new Netflix series, Stranger Things. Capturing the 'Spielberg-esque' nostalgia of the 80s, Stranger Things has not only a awoken our childhood memories but also all of the cultural trends so embedded from that era. Putting the 'pop' in pop culture, the 80s was a wonderfully awkward period for fashion that none of us want to reminded of but can never forget. Set in the early 80s, Stranger Things has the difficult task of being being accurate with fashion from the period without being distracting to the storytelling- and I think they do a stellar job at dancing the dimensional tightrope. As we take a stroll down nostalgia lane, here are 7 iconic fashion trends that came from the 80s:

1. Designer Jeans
For decades, Levi's, Wrangler, and Lee owned the denim space. Practical and rugged, denim jeans were practical, long lasting and affordable. That is until Jordache jeans introduced their dark blue, brightly stitched and snug bottom design into popular culture. Paving the way for later designer jeans like Calvin Klein, 80s jeans irrevocably changed the future of denim fashion.

    2. Tennis Shoes

    Going from function to fashion statement, athletic shoes rarely saw the tennis court or athletic use. With bright white leather and laces, Reebok, LA Gear and others, led the sneaker revolution. Untied and bulky, shoes from this era looked more like astronaut boots than athletic wear- which went well with all the moon walking. And lets not forget Sperry Top Siders and Penny Loafers!

    3. Shoulder Pads
    Nothing evoked more power that big square shoulders- welcome the 80s shoulder pads. Creating an inverse trapezoid silhouette, shoulder pads seem to make into every shirt, blouse, sweater and coats. Nothing said success more than a layer of foam strategically placed over the shoulders. 

    4. That Alligator
    Remember when it was important to have some sort of tiny little animal logo over your left chest? Before Polo dominated fashion with the player logo, Lacoste had a firm hold of the 80s. The little alligator was everywhere while also being synonymous with tennis and golf.

    5. Your Sweater Game
    Nothing screams 80s more than tying your pastel sweatshirt around your shoulders. This cape-like style choice served no function besides just another chance to show off your Lacoste sweater. You probably did not like anyone that wore their sweaters this way.

      6. Hair, hair and hair
      Regardless of era, hair fashion has always been important. Whether it was the big puffy part in the middle for the guys or the side pony tail for girls (and big bangs), it was an embarrassing time for mankind. The scrunchy survived this era as a reminder of a time long since gone.

      7. The Elite Club... 
      Finally, the crowing jewel of the 80s has to go to the Members Only Jacket. Having an prestigious Members Only jacket meant you were officially a part of the cool club. It was one part motorcycle jacket, one part button straps but all 80s awesomeness. Nothing merged preppiness with street style more perfectly than Members Only. The best part, the 80s could not contain this style as it has made a retro comeback in various forms over the years. 

      Special thanks to Stranger Things for reawakening our love for 80s fashion. What were some of your favorite trends from the 80s and what you hope makes a come back?

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