Batman's Holiday Fashion Shops Guide

December 09, 2016

Batman's Holiday Fashion Shops Guide

I'm Batman!... and a busy guy. From playboy billionaire during the days to fighting crime as the world's greatest detective at night, who has time to shop for Christmas?! Style and functionality are both priorities to me and I've got no time to wander the Batcave database. So I've put together a few great apparel sites that are both fashion forward and geeky to the soul. I'm Batmaaaaaaan!!

Volante Design is building a world of fashion where ordinary people can feel extraordinary. They take inspiration from comic books, video games, film, anime, and more. High quality merchandise with a very unique aesthetic. A must for Assassin's Creed fans.

Elhoffer Design was founded by Catherine Elhoffer to create higher-end apparel for high quality geeks. She prefers a subtle geek nod in her designs, using silhouette, color, texture, and lines to tell the story of the fashion. Catherine hand-makes her custom pieces in her Los Angeles-based studio, designs new pieces in her studio, and oversees small productions run with Los Angeles factories for her mass produced pieces.

Castle Corsetry uses the highest quality materials, and the European steel bones are the best on the market. Though they do create classic corsets, Lauren’s most popular designs are her pop-culture corsets featuring geek inspired designs from the nerd world’s favorite fandoms.

Whosits & Whatsits has been consistently inspired by the wonder of childhood stories. They are here for those who refuse to grow up and strive to add whimsy to your closet and keep a little magic in your day to day style. They create accessories and apparel inspired by the most magical stories of all.

Redefining the basic t-shirt, Jordandene makes all kinds of subtly geeky products that stay true to the deepest nerdy core, yet aren’t too extreme for everyday life. They focus on combining a few of our favorite things with good design and quality materials.

1138 Clothing makes h
andmade & custom nerdy girl clothing. Inspired by Harry Potter, Star Wars, Anime, comic books and more, Their clothese are fun, whismical and creative. 1138 on Etsy

There you have it. There are plenty more out there so leave us your geeky fashion shops in the comment section below. Merry Christmas! 

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