GeekFold Exclusive with Hero Within and Elhoffer Design

November 10, 2017

GeekFold Exclusive with Hero Within and Elhoffer Design

Interview by Lisa Granshaw from GeekFold

There’s only one more week before Justice League brings some of DC Comics’ biggest heroes together on the big screen, but you don’t have to wait to go to the movies to find an impressive team up. You can find one right in the geek fashion world with Hero Within and Elhoffer Design, who joined forces earlier this year to create a women’s fashion line inspired by the Justice League.

The collection was announced in October with a sneak peek showing a number of dress and sweater designs. Tony Kim, CEO of Hero Within, told GeekFold that they always knew the company would expand beyond men and that items for women have been the number one request they’ve received from fans. The company received the men’s license from DC when they launched and had to wait to pursue ladies apparel until they received the women’s license. They finally earned their way to expand into women’s apparel this year and were granted the DC women’s license in July. At that point, Kim knew he wanted to work with Catherine Elhoffer, founder of Elhoffer Design.

“I knew that I wanted to work with Katie not only because of her style and sensibilities, but also because of all of the technical aspects of women’s wear... read the rest of the interview at GeekFold




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