Gwen's Hero Story

April 19, 2017

Gwen's Hero Story

Our Hero Story series continue with one of our fans- here's Gwen!

Who were you childhood heroes, fictional and in real life? Why?
Younger me was the textbook definition of a tomboy. I wanted to be just like one of the guys and was always into "traditional boy" things. So to say that the Power Rangers, more specifically,  Zack, was my hero is an understatement. Zack was someone who looked like me kicking so much butt on my TV every day. He was always so upbeat and encouraging and just tried his best all the time despite his fears. Also, let's not forget Hip Hop Kido. Who DIDN'T want to learn that? My cousins always wanted me to be one of the girl Rangers and I fought to the end to be Zack (or Tommy..Tommy was really close second favorite). My real life hero was and will always be my mom. She is a single parent who raised me while being in the Military and going to college as an adult to make our lives better. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not thankful for all that she's done for me and how much she's encouraged me to go for my dreams.

In your opinion, who do you think is the most important hero in pop culture today and why?
I would have to say Supergirl. I think television has really benefited from having her be apart of our weekly line-ups. She is someone who, despite being an adult, has a lot left to learn about being on Earth. I feel like every episode or at least every other she is learning something new and gaining a new life skill. The show teaches us (and thankfully our younger generation) how to be better people, how to be strong and how to face adversaries. I love that this is all coming from one of the strongest and powerful females in comics too. I think she is someone young girls need in their lives right now.

How has our modern era of heroes inspired or influenced you?
For me, the modern era has inspired me to up my game when it comes to diversity. As a person of color, it sucks not seeing people like me thrive as much in the comics world. We are getting a little bit of change here and there and slow and steady, you know? But as a future fashion designer I have made it my goal to include not just women identifying people but people of color in my work.That's why the photo shoots I have done of my work so far feature women of color. I think its important for people to be able to see themselves in whatever it is that exists out there and I am thankful that the comics industry is listening to what we have to say and taking those strides. It also has influenced my work as well. I love seeing live-action adaptations of our favorites and with that brings brand new costumes to oggle over and draw inspiration from. All of the things I take from this new age of heroes just fuels my creativity. I love it.

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