Heroes Wear Masks

August 13, 2020

Heroes Wear Masks

Hello Hero Within Family, Tony here! I wanted to share something with you as we navigate these unprecedented times. Clearly, our world has changed- and maybe forever. As we prepare for the fall, the hope that 'things will go back to normal' is starting to slip away. Many of us have accepted the fact that face masks are now an essential part of our everyday lives. However, it's unfortunate that a simple square piece of cloth has been politicized and has caused division here in the U.S. Just like you all, it's been a challenge for me to adjust to life behind a mask. With only eyes to communicate, it's easy to feel even more separated from our neighbors, store clerks or coffee barista. I wanted to design something simple to encourage each other and remind us that HEROES WEAR MASKS. These #HWM Enamel Pins are ONLY available in sets of 4. I am asking you to courageously give them away to friends, neighbors, essential workers and strangers as a gesture of solidarity. We will make it through this and we will beat Covid- but only if we work together. Spread love not germs and keep hope alive!

A portion of the proceeds will go to Direct Relief.

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