How Is Steve Trevor Alive?

June 15, 2018

How Is Steve Trevor Alive?

By Tasmin Humphries

Several days ago, Patty Jenkins announced the official title of the Wonder Woman sequel and when it is set. Soon after they released some of the first official images from the set, and no one expected to see who we saw! Steve Trevor - Diana Prince’s love interest who heroically but tragically died way to soon in the first film. Since then DC fans have been frantically guessing how he could have returned.

Well, resurrection doesn’t go unknown in the DC universe, as our heroes are frequently killed off and then brought back from the dead. Examples of this include; Superboy’s punch which alters the timeline and brings back Jason Todd, Darkseid’s Omega Beams which accidentally project Batman 2,000 years into the past. The Lazarus Pit which resurrects Ra’s Al Ghul numerous times along with many others. And of course, the revival of Superman in the comic books and also the latest films.

Although those things have happened in the past those theories don’t seem likely this time. Some of those characters still haven’t been introduced, and WW 1984 would have to move very quickly to fit them in! We do however, know that he returns some way or another. But how? Well, here are my theories as to how Trevor may have returned:

1: The Speed Force
The Speed Force is what grants Barry Allen his tremendous speed, but it is also known to alter time. If the TV series The Flash is anything to go by, if Barry runs to fast or loses control blips and irregularities can occur in the timeline. Now, I am assuming (by the date) that WW84 is set before Justice League, but I may be wrong. With recent news regarding the solo Flash film, they could be connected in some way. We know that Wonder Woman is set in 1984, but there are now rumours that The Flash is heavily influenced/focused on Back to The Future, which is around the same era. Could Barry Allen make an appearance and create a blip in the timeline? In the TV series of The Flash, we have also seen Barry transport and move non-speedsters through the Speed Force. Could Steve Trevor be brought through time by Barry to motivate Diana in some way? It would explain his bewildered expression!

2: He never really died at all
Although it seemed Steve Trevor died in the explosion during the first Wonder Woman film, maybe we thought wrong. Perhaps he parachuted away before the plane was completely destroyed? He is known for his heroic and spontaneous ways after all. With that being said for him to make it from 1918 to 1984 without any grey hairs or wrinkles seems very unlikely.

3: A descendant
Although it looks like Steve Trevor, and has those classic expressions and stance, it may not be him. It may be a descendant of his, who just so happens to be the spit of him. This could be very likely as this very thing happened in the Wonder Woman TV Series. In the series an identical descendant of Trevor took Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman by surprise, so this could definitely be a possibility.

4: Imposter!
We all know Cheetah is the main villain in the Wonder Woman sequel, but her power and threat does not even start to compare to that of Ares. So with this in mind, I am assuming there is going to be other villains introduced for her chances against Wonder Woman to be increased. Among the cast is Pedro Pascal, but his role is still unannounced. A known villain of Wonder Woman is Doctor Psycho, could that be his role? He would certainly fit the part! In an old Wonder Woman comic book, Doctor Psycho takes the form of Steve Trevor and attempts to take Wonder Woman’s powers to become Captain Wonder. With that story in mind, we know that shapeshifting of some sort is possible, so this is a very likely scenario.


5: Hallucination 
Now this is a long shot, but still, it isn’t impossible! There is a scene in the first Wonder Woman film where Diana tries ice cream for the first time. Of course, she is a fan – who isn’t?! But, in the top left corner of the image that was released is an ice cream cone. The only man she has ever loved miraculously back from the dead, and everyone’s favourite thing – Ice Cream in one scene? Could this be a dream or a hallucination? Or just a coincidence…

Regardless of the reason behind his resurrection, Diana speaks of Steve Trevor as if he is deceased in Batman v Superman and Justice League. This strongly suggests that although he has made it past the plane explosion, unfortunately he doesn’t make it to the present. Which is a huge shame! He is a great character, and seems short-lived, but perhaps we will get another glimmer of Trevor in the future! Share your theories and let us know which one of these you hope are true.

You can read more from her at The Aspiring Kryptonian.



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