How to Celebrate Batman Day!

September 16, 2016

How to Celebrate Batman Day!

This Saturday we celebrate the third annual Batman Day, though every day could pretty much celebrate what the Dark Knight stands for.

How did this special day start?

DC Comics started Batman Day back in 2014 commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Caped Crusader and has lit up the Bat Signal on our calendars ever since.

How does one celebrate Batman Day?

  • Check your local comic book stores to see what special events they will be having. Most Batman comics, graphic novels, action figures, and other collectibles will be sold at a discount. If you don't have a comic book store near you, Barnes & Noble book stores celebrates this day with trivia, coloring and cosplay.
  • Throw a Batman TV Show or movie marathon. No judgement even if you choose the 90's Clooney Batman.
  • Los Angeles Area: Saturday at 1:30-2:30 pm Long Beach Comic Con will be hosting a panel of Batman: The Animated Series with the legendary Dark Knight himself Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester as Robin. It's a big a event, considering this is the 25th Anniversary celebration for the show, and it's happening on Batman Day. Tickets available here.
  • Jim Lee, Paul Dini and other artists will be making appearances at local book stores celebrating Batman Day. Check here for LA and national appearances.
  • And finally, the best way is to pre-order a Batman Peacoat 20% off sale using code: BatmanDay (Sun till midnight)!

Here's a list of DC's ideas to celebrate Batman Day, including coloring cutouts and party ideas.

Whatever it is you do this day, we hope it inspires something bigger than yourself and celebrates the hero within you!


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