How to Let Your Geek Flag Wave at SDCC: Graphic Tee Style

July 16, 2016

How to Let Your Geek Flag Wave at SDCC: Graphic Tee Style

Swag bags, pins, cosplays, wigs and hair dye...

There are plenty of ways to let your proverbial geek flag wave at SDCC. The most prolific and simple way to do this is by wearing your new, your favorite, your new favorite graphic tee.

The graphic tee is one of the best ways to let your fandom be known to the world. There are creative graphic tees that cross over fandoms. There are tees that use the whole canvas of the tee, going beyond just the 12x8 inch block on the front. Then there's the staple black graphic tee, simply just graphic on front and black all around.

But how does one add any flare to the graphic tee? It's a geek staple! Is it possible? Yes, yes it is. This flag does not have to be rolled up and retired. Here's how you can simply frame the your favorite tee:

  • Button-downs: Throw a casual buttown-down over your tee. This can be plaid, patterned, or simply denim that's light and breathable for weather and crowd sake. Leave the front open to bring a nice frame to your layered t-shirt.
  • Neckwear: A necklace or pendant with decent length and color will bring some extra shine to your tee. A decent length and fair texture all depends on the tee-shirt. The pendant shouldn't draw all of the attention even as a statement piece, but it should compliment you and your whole outfit. And yes, guys can rock neckwear as good as any woman can. Pinterest or Google that goodness.
  • Wristwear: Whether you're wearing a short-sleeve button-down or long, or maybe you're just rocking the graphic tee with no layers, try getting a bracelet, a strap, or a band to accompany your watch or something on your opposing wrist. Character on your arms aside from your watch pieces your upper ensemble to the finest detail. graphic tee being a part of the whole production too.

Maybe you proudly rock your graphic tees as liberally as you'd like with no constraints. Maybe you'd like to add a little garnish to your geek flag as you wave your graphic tee high and mighty. Give these little steps a try, and see how it feels.


How do you wear your graphic tee?Totally geek chic or classic style?



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