Jordandene's Hero Story

September 11, 2017

Jordandene's Hero Story

Today's Hero Story comes from owner of fashion apparel company Jordandene'. With her casually nerdy but witty t-shirt designs, Jordandene' has hit the geek fashion community by storm. Learn more about who is at the heart of this amazing company:

Who were you childhood heroes, fictional and in real life and why?
I didn’t have amazingly strong heroes growing up. I think, in a way, Disney princesses were my heroes. They were kind and caring and adventurous in inspiring ways, and I looked up to that.

In your opinion, who do you think is the most important hero in pop culture today and why?
I’ve really discovered an inspiring group of heroes in the past five years. For me, one of the most important heroes in pop culture today is Wonder Woman. She was never a hero of mine growing up, so I don’t have a nostalgic tie to her now. Even so, her movie really affected me. I sobbed through the scenes of her training as a young girl. I felt empowered leaving the theater, seeing someone like me save the world. I think everyone else in the theater felt the same way I did.

How has our modern era of heroes inspired, influenced or changed you?
I feel like now we’re sharing heroes in culture in an amazing way. I have a Wonder Woman cuff that I almost never take off, and wearing it has led to so many connections with strangers, bonding over our favorite hero. Seeing so many powerful females on screen has affected the way I think about my body and the value in working to be strong. I’ve found an amazing fitness coach (GeekGirlStrong) who creates workouts based on pop culture heroes, and it’s just so motivating. I love the widespread reach of our modern heroes, and I hope for continued and expanded diversity so everyone can find a hero they relate to.

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