Karma's Hero Story

July 18, 2016

Karma's Hero Story

Being a child of the 80s, there was nothing better than Saturday morning cartoons. From 7am until noon, when I heard the sweet sounds of the Soul Train intro music, I would pour myself a BIG bowl of Cap'n Crunch and sit in front of the TV for my morning entertainment. During this lineup was one of my favorite programs: Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show -- and Wonder Woman is my fictional hero. She always stood up strong, exuding great posture and confidence, which brings me to mom as my real life hero. She still says to me today, “Keep your back straight!” and pushes my stomach in so my back straightens up! Her Superhuman abilities include durability, endurance, reflexes and a genius-level intellect earning her second Master’s Degree in her 60s!

If it wasn’t for my mom's courage and bravery, I would not have made it to this world. You see, I was born in a police car. Back in the early '70s, being born in a paddy wagon or police van meant imminent death. Ambulances would take too long to reach the inner city. My mom shouted to my dad from the top of the stairs with all her might, “No paddy wagon, call the police now!” This was the tough streets of West Philadelphia and police were always on patrol. My mom also demanded, “No going to the local clinic!” I was to be born in the downtown city infirmary. Long story short, I didn’t make it to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Meanwhile…during the ride in the police car, my mom passed out. It was up to me! I was caught like a football by my dad in the back seat, and using scissors handed to him by the officer, my dad finished off the delivery! Hey, my dad was my hero's sidekick! The Etta Candy of my tale! The next day, I was an article in the city newspaper. Great story for the Daily Planet huh? I’m sure Wonder Woman had her fair share of emergency baby deliveries!

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