Le Geek So Chic Fashion Show

November 01, 2016

Le Geek So Chic Fashion Show

We are back from a fantastic weekend at Stan Lee's LA Comic Con. The show has grown quite a bit over the years, adding many new features. We were one of a handful of collections to be featured in the annual Le Geek So Chic Fashion Show. Each year, different designers showcase the latest in geek wear and we were honored to be the first all men's line to ever walk the show. The other talented collections included Volante Design, WhosIt and WhatsIt, Elhoffer Design and Castle Corsetry. Along with our geeky sophisticated outerwear, we also exclusively revealed the Aquaman Windbreaker! Special thanks to our models that boldly presented the Justice League Collection for the first time to the public. If you came out to the show, thank you for your support! Check out highlights below:

Louis in the Batman Peacoat

Michael goes up, up and away in the Superman Blazer

Jefferson incognito in the Hal Jordan Flight Jacket

Zachary is the fastest and most fashionable man alive in the Flash Hoodie.

Josh in the Batman Light Peacoat

Jonathan reveals the Aquaman Windbreaker for the first time!

Alexander is business casual in the Batman Blazer

No evil escapes Marlon's sight in the Green Lantern Biker Jacket

Tony and the entire Justice League Collection

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