Lindi's Hero Story

July 19, 2016

Lindi's Hero Story

My favorite fictional hero has to be the Doctor ('Doctor Who'). I know he's not a traditional "superhero," but he's definitely a hero in my mind, and I'm sure to many other as well. I discovered 'Doctor Who' a little late — I think it was about five years go. Since then, my obsession is bordering on unhealthy, but it's just a true love of the Doctor and the characters that support him throughout his journeys. The fact that he has so much pain in his past, but can still express so much joy and comedy and love, is truly inspiring. Plus, he uses his brain and not violence which I think is rare and special in TV and film right now.
My real-life hero is Stephen Hawking. Besides the obvious connection to the Doctor (my love for outer space must be pretty clear here), Stephen Hawing is a man who has overcome more obstacles than most people. Physically, he is weak, but his intelligence is unmatched. The power of his mind is what makes him so special and so important to humanity, just like the Doctor. 

I admire both Hawking and the Doctor for the same reason, and that's because they've prevailed in the face of great struggles and value the power of knowledge above all else. In a world so focused on physical appearance and ability, these men serve as a reminder to me that what you're mind has to offer the world is so much more important ... which is comforting because I can only do one push-up before I start crying. 

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