Marco Hero Story

September 27, 2017

Marco Hero Story

Today's Hero Story is from Marco Guzman Jr, the owner of Chosen WAN Apparel. His passion for street fashion and love for all things nerdy is apparent in his company's style and product offerings. We had a chance to work with him at San Diego Comic-Con and we look forward to what Chosen WAN will come out with next!

Who were you childhood heroes, fictional and in real life and why?
Growing up as a nerd, I had many heroes. From my mother to Michael Jordan (yes... I wanted to be like Mike). However, if I had to select one it would be Spider-Man. Believe it or not, I was bitten by a spider as a kid and I really thought I was going to have amazing powers! Although I am still waiting for those powers to evolve, it was Peters loss, trials and tribulations, and how he chose to use his new powers for the greater good that i loved! 

In your opinion, who do you think is the most important hero in pop culture today and why?
There are SO many heroes that are important but the one that I feel is important is Wonder Woman. D.C. Comics delivered an amazing movie that has inspired so many young ladies and woman to be tough, graceful, and independent. She has inspired my daughters and it's about time everyone has a Hero they can relate to #genderequality! 

How has our modern era of heroes inspired, influenced or changed you?
I have always been inspired by heroes. Although I cannot fly or use the force, heroes have taught me to channel my inner strengths. They have inspired me to be a positive influence and help others by unlocking my Hero Within (😉). Who knows, maybe that spider bite did give me strength after all. I may not be able to crawl on walls but I sure feel I have the power to positively change the world for the better! I feel it is my responsibility. It is what we try to do with Chosen Wan Apparel. We created the brand for The Future of Nerdkind. To empower the nerd culture and unleash their own unique superpowers. 
Marco Guzman Jr. Creator/ CEO of C.W.A
Chosen Witty Authentic Nerd (WAN) Apparel
FB/IG: chosenwanapparel 

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