Men's Style from the 2016 VMAs

August 30, 2016

Men's Style from the 2016 VMAs

Along with fantastic performances and head scratching speeches, the MTV Video Music Awards traditionally brings the latest in celeb fashion. Ranging from the fashion forward to the outrageous, the men of the VMAs competed with their counterparts for twitter attention. And while not all of them pulled their look off, there was a lot of impressive styles to mention. Here are a few trends we noticed from the men.

  • Bold, solid colors
  • Prints were out!
  • Pants, pants and pants
  • Bohemian earth tones
  • Extended length shirts
  • Black and white are never out of style! As well as black on black design
  • Culture inspired style
  • Jewelry accessory that is simple but dramatic
  • Modern twists on the classic blazer
  • Shirts, who needs them? At least a few went without!

And our favorite goes to (drum roll please)... DJ Khaled with his black on black tux (with print!).  

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