Crazy theory about the new Batman suit!

September 15, 2016

Crazy theory about the new Batman suit!

Yesterday the internet went ablaze when Zack Snyder, Director of the Justice League, tweeted out this little gem for fans to geek out over. He said:

"Homestretch. Last day filming Batman in the new Tactical Batsuit. #JusticeLeague #Batman"

Very interesting. Zack's original pic was much darker, so after some enhancement, we are able to see more details. Looks like Batman is standing next to his Batmobile in possibly the Batcave. From what we can tell, the bat-suit has definitely been upgraded to a more armor like version from his stretchy-fabric suit from Batman v Superman. There are some similarities from past tactical versions like the Nolan one and from the video games. The fan response has been mixed with many citing that his cowl looks too much like his Nite-Owl from Watchman. Is Snyder ripping off himself?! With the ears and goggles, it does look shaped from the previous Alan Moore Minute-Man hero. Personally, I really liked Batfleck's suit from BvS, especially the cowl part. Hopefully this is a suit worn in the climax to serve a special purpose- hence the Bat-eyewear. However, I have my theories...

My Crazy Theory:
Since so many are accusing Zack from stealing from his own Watchmen playbook, what if that is on purpose? My crackpot (and brilliant) theory is that it looks like an owl for a reason- but not for what you might think. When I saw this, I thought it looked like OwlMan from DC's Crime Syndicate. The Crime Syndicate first appeared in 1964 but really was popularized with the graphic novel, Justice League: Earth 2 (2000). In this mirror universe, the JL are all evil and dominate Earth with an iron fist. Instead of bats, Bruce Wayne has adopted Owl's as his inspiration. What if with all this Flash-universe jumping, they cross paths with their evil counterparts?! His cowl and goggles definitely looks similar to OwlMan and here's the kicker- check out the Bat-symbol. It's lost it's traditional bat shape and it could be interpreted as an owl! I know this is a pretty crazy idea but this new costume just doesn't add up. This is either a weird new twist on Batman or Snyder has something dramatic up his sleeve. We know his stock has declined with the less than stellar reviews of BvS so perhaps he is trying to change the game by introducing something from left field as an evil parallel universe?! Personally, I loved the Crime Syndicate story from the comics and could get behind it with the right story.

What do you think of the new suit? What do you think about my crazy theory Theories of you own? Let us know by commenting below.

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