Our First San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Exclusives!

June 29, 2022

Our First San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Exclusives!

It's finally San Diego Comic-Con season and it's time to start revealing Exclusives! We are so excited to return and this year, we'll be offering the widest variety and most Exclusives ever. But there is a twist! Most will be posted here on our blog or social- but a couple will be 'Blind Exclusives'! More on that later. As we explained in our last post, we have created a Star Trek Interactive Experience for our Comic-Con booth (#1943). This means, you'll have a chance to customize your own Exclusive. However, we will also be offering some ready to go Exclusives too. For instance, we are proud to announce a special collab with New York based artist, Deanna Parlagreco. Besides being a Trekkie at heart, she is also a talented designer and hand embroidery artist.

Created in a chain stitch technique, your favorite Star Trek character has been made in this 'hand crafted' style. This artisan look is very different for us but we hope you appreciate us trying something new!

At Comic-Con, we will be offering 4 different t-shirt designs; Spock in blue, Janeway in red, Sulu in gold and Guinan in purple. We were honored to work with Deanna on this special project and we hope you are excited for these new designs. We will have a limited amount of each style so make sure to come by our booth first thing in the morning at booth 1943. These t-shirts will also compliment your new Star Trek Comic-Con Exclusive Jackets- more to come so stay tuned in the days to come.

Check out, follow and support Deanna on Instagram @dparlagrecodesigns.

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