New York Comic Con Recap

October 08, 2019

New York Comic Con Recap

By Tasmin Humphries

And that’s a wrap! New York Comic Con is over for another year, and those post con blues have set in for us already.

This convention has been incredibly busy and action packed with news, reveals and plenty of incredible cosplay! Let’s recap on what’s happened over the past weekend.

Yet again we had our own booth at the convention (booth #1669) and would like to thank every single one of you that stopped by. Whether you are a previous customer or are even new to the brand, you made our con experience a great one.

Like I said, there were so many things going on at the convention… it’s best we break it down by day.

Day 1
DC Comics gave us a sneak peak at their upcoming comic book event “Year Of The Villain”. During the DC: Meet The Publishers panel Jim Lee and Dan Didio gave fans a taste of what to expect from the current comic book event “Year Of The Villain”. So far this theme has only been teased, but now fans know exactly what to expect and what it is all leading towards – Apex Lex (as they are calling him) vs The Batman Who Laughs. The pair will ‘fight until there is one left standing’ (quoted from Dan Didio) in the upcoming 4-issue mini series Year Of The Villain: Hell Arisen. The series is set for release in December and is written by James Tynion IV, with artwork by Steve Epting.

Not only this, but they also announced the titles and a rough plot around their upcoming horror comic line, which will be published under the DC Black Label. Titles include Basket Full Of Heads, The Dollhouse Family and Plunge. They are expected to be released later this year from November onwards. If the previews they are handing out at the convention are anything to go by, we are certainly in for a treat!

As for Marvel, they also had a HUGE announcement for day one – a brand new game. The creators of the ‘Contest of Champions’ – a previously successful game have teamed up with Marvel to create “Realm Of Champions”. This game will allow players to play alone or as a team in a real-time action combat game against other Marvel characters and factions to win control of well-known locations.

Day 2
This years’ event for DC seemed to be very Harley Quinn themed, with lots of Birds Of Prey branding, lots of props from the film and even a gallery dedicated to the character and new animated series that is coming out later in the year. This event was exclusive to DC Universe members, but we were able to get access to check it out!

It was filled with lots of original artwork that inspired the creators of the series. As well as the concept artwork for the show, which gave us a tease of what we can expect from the new series.

DC Comics also revealed a chronological timeline which fans can use to follow the order of events within the DC Universe. For some fans, this seems like a repeat as similar things have been attempted before, but for others it’s a sigh of relief and a clear view as to what happened in DC history. Unfortunately the slides for the powerpoint were far too illegible to read yet alone take images of, but I’m sure that something will be released officially soon.

Not only this, but Marvel announced a new character for their game ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ – Kamala Khan. Fans have been routing and campaigning for this character to be in the mainstream, especially because of her ethnic background and back story. Well now she’s being thrust into that limelight, I just hope that this is a chance for fans that aren’t that familiar with her to be introduced to her character. 

Day 3
This was the day for DC’s Birds Of Prey! As well as having the costumes on show at the DC Comics booth, there was also a huge amount of branding and a mystery WB theatrical signing. Fans had the chance to be a part of this during the NYCC lottery that took place pre-show. Turns out, that was Birds Of Prey too, with the core cast attending to meet the fans.

Marvel showcased the costumes from Avengers Endgame, they included Bruce Banner and Thor. This gave fans a chance to see the costumes up close, whilst showcasing the hidden details of the costumes. 

For those that aren’t yet over the ‘retirement’ of Steve Rogers/Captain America, they also showcased a touching tribute to our first Avenger – a beautiful bronze statue right in the middle of the booth. 

We also hosted a panel at the convention – The Marvel Fan Challenge Panel! Fans went head to head to decide their favourite Marvel character. The winner was The Winter Soldier! Do you disagree? Who’s your favourite? We had a blast and we really hope it returns next year!

Day 4

Day 4 was a much quieter day with regards to panels and announcements, but this gave us chance to check out the show floor. There are so many incredible pieces that were available as various exhibitors showcased their latest releases. First up was Eaglemoss Collections, who had a very DC heavy display this year. Check out the detail on the pieces! 

Sideshow Collectibles showcased their latest Marvel pieces at the show and even offered fans the opportunity to win their latest Iron Man statue! Each and every one is spectacular, as always the details is incredible. 

The cosplay at this show has been off the chart! We’ve been so impressed with the turn out and quality of the costumes, incredible work. Check out our gallery below:

We have had a great NYCC this year, and we look forward to seeing you at the next convention! Share your favorite memories in the comment section below.

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