Our New Meanwhile Pullover

June 15, 2022

Our New Meanwhile Pullover

Hello all, Tony Kim here, the founder of Hero Within. I'm excited to release a new design for our Founder's Collection. This piece has meant a lot to me and I hope it will resonate with you too.

Have you ever had a ‘Meanwhile Moment’? Let me explain. My parents were typical immigrant parents that worked day and night, leaving me alone for much of my childhood. Growing up in a Texas suburb and being one of the few minorities meant I was often left out, marginalized or stereotyped. To deal with this pain, comic books became my escape. Every time I would open a new issue, I was instantly transported to another world and I was immersed in a new adventures. Comic books helped centered me when I was lost- and I will always be eternally grateful. One of the big lessons I learned from that period of my life was a small but powerful concept. In almost every story, there is a pivotal moment. Even when all seems lost, hopeless or when facing insurmountable odds, the narrative caption ‘Meanwhile’ would appear. It's the turning point in a story that indicated the circumstances are about to change. In some miraculous way, unforeseen forces were about to intervene and save the day. In comics, ‘Meanwhile’ is a reminder that hope is not lost.

I painted this painting during a challenging period in my life. I was making some big career transitions and I was living in fear. I was in crisis about my future and I turned to art. Painting this was therapeutic for me. It served as a reminder from my youth- that even when I feel alone or scared that I have to have hope that brighter days are ahead. The colorful streak across the sky is a symbol of how circumstances can change at a speed of a bullet. 'Meanwhile' may be just one word but there’s a lot of power found within those 9 letters.

Are you in the midst of a crisis and seeking your ‘Meanwhile Moment’? Certainly, years of the pandemic has caused many of us to question our future. Personally, the past few years have been the most challenging time in my life. That’s why I wanted to convert this painting into a fashion piece. First, I wanted to celebrate the art form of comics and the impact it has had in our lives. Second I want it to serve as a reminder that ‘Meanwhile Moments’ happen all the time- we just have to have hope.

As Hero Within continues the Founder’s Collection with this new Meanwhile Pullover, I want to say thank you for your support and encouragement. These pieces are deeply personal to me and if it connects with at least one other fan- I will be overjoyed! My hope is that these limited run pieces will be an opportunity for you to share your ‘Meanwhile Moment’ with others and celebrate the power of comics! This preorder will only be available for a limited time so don't miss it!

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