Patty Jenkins and Black Panther

February 21, 2018

Patty Jenkins and Black Panther

Whether you are a Marvel or DC fan, we all celebrate when a superhero movie does well. Even Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins, congratulated Black Panther for a movie she says will 'change the world'. There could be no higher praise than coming from the one responsible for bringing Thermscyra and Wonder Woman to life. She tweeted recently saying:

"Huge congrats Black Panther on the staggering weekend. So happy for your incredibly meaningful success. Wonder Woman posse can’t wait for break in schedule to see it! You're changing the world. What a wonderful thing! Congrats to you all @theblackpanther #RyanCoogler"

Black Panther has already grossed up to $243 million at the box office after its first four days of theatrical release alone. It earned $201.8 million during its three-day opening, setting a new record for the month of February. In the past, studios have veered away from superheroines and persons of color films in fear that they could not be blockbusters. Wonder Woman and Black Panther have changed the game. What did you think of Black Panther and who would you like to see studios tackle next?

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