Paul's Hero Story

May 03, 2017

Paul's Hero Story

I am Paul Edwards from the UK and I am a massive DC superhero fan. I was Born in 1979 and I grew up watching Christopher Reeve as Superman and he is  still my Ultimate hero still today is Superman. He is someone who inspires me and I always think of what he would do when in a situation.
He gave me hope, and the light and makes me feel positive and think the world would be a better place if he existed in the real world. Of all the stars I have ever met Christopher Reeve is one I will always be sad to of never got the chance to meet, he really is my true idol and my real Superman!

My real life hero has to be my amazing wife Kirstie, we have been together now for eight years and she is one of the strongest women I know she would give wonder woman a run for her money, I can always count on her support, strength and dedication throughout our life together and will always be there for her too. These are my real true heroes and the world would be an amazing place if more and more people were as inspiring as these 2 people above.

You can follow Paul on Twitter @PaulEdwards30 or at @_DCWorld. If you are interested in sharing your Hero Story, e-mail us at  

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