Post Election Aftermath

November 16, 2016

Post Election Aftermath

Crisis on Earth Prime...
Sounds like the makings of an epic comic book doesn't it? However, you do not need to open one up to read about Earth shaking conflict resulting in a lot of online battles and Facebook unfriendings. Last Tuesday was a historic for all of us in the US- one that we will never forget. Regardless of your political position (or what country you are from), it is clear that the aftermath of the election have left many upset, disillusioned and struggling to find common ground with those who are on the opposite side of the line. There have already been too many stories of hate that have spread among the media. No doubt many of you have found yourself in difficult conversations with family or friends. In just a week, a lot has been exposed in our country and it is clear that what pains us won't go away anytime soon. With that said, I did want to offer a thought of hope.

It's easy to take for granted what we have had all our lives- like clean water, safe streets and opportunity. Democracy is one of the greatest gifts to the world and it's so easy to not even give it a second thought. Many places in the world today, people like you and I, experience oppression and injustice at the hands of a despotic government. America could have easily gone the same path. Only on the alter of freedom and at the cost of many souls, are we given the precious gift of voting. Sure, the results can be devastating but as comedian Conan O'Brien said "We get a chance to choose who gets to ruin our country...". As silly as that sounds, when you stand back from the calamity, we have to appreciate that. 

Regardless if you voted for Trump or Clinton, I would encourage us all to leave room to be surprised. If there is anything that is certain, it's that life is unpredictable and we have no idea what the future holds. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to serve our fellow man. If ever the world needed heroes it's now. We need those that inspire, resolve conflict, empathize, are patient and want to work together with one community. Hero Within was founded on the belief that whether in public or in private, everyone can be a hero. This is our chance to prove that. Choose love, don't assume the worst and believe the best in each other for the coming weeks and months. In time of national unrest, talking about clothes seems kind of silly. However, ideas like hope and heroism is something we all need. Unleash the hero within.

Founder & CEO

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