San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives!

July 12, 2023

San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives!

We are excited to return to San Diego Comic-Con and bring with us a great selection of new Exclusives and fan favorites. Previously sold out on our store, fully restocked at Comic-Con will be Customizable Tactical Jacket, Strange New Worlds Jacket and the Command / Sciences Jacket. Our Star Trek Interactive Experience returns and is expanded to offer even more options than ever before. Check out the various patches, pins and pulls that will be available:

Only sold as a preorder online, the Picard Field Jacket in all three colors will be available for the first time. So while not a true first time exclusive, it will sell out like one.

Besides fan favorites, we'll have several new jackets to customize. Below is the Customizable United Federation of Planets Denim Jacket and our Tech Jacket will now be offered in 3 colors!

To round out your Trek drip, we'll also be offering some new accessories like the Away Mission Bag and our Comic Khan Enamel Pin.
All these new items will be available for immediate pick at our booth and for try on at the Energize Lounge.

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