Savanna's Hero Story

February 12, 2019

Savanna's Hero Story

We are back with another inspirational Hero Story! This time it's from super Star Wars fan and our good friend Savanna Oudit of The Dorky Diva Podcast. She'll be helping us at our booth at Emerald City Comic Con so come by and meet her!

Who were you childhood heroes, fictional and in real life? Why?
As a huge Star Wars fan, the characters and actors of this galaxy far, far away were my heroes growing up and still continue to be my heroes to this day. When I was nine years old, my mom handmade a Princess Leia dress for me. You know, the iconic white one that she wears when encountering R2-D2 in A New Hope. I treasured that dress and felt so powerful when I wore it to all sorts of Star Wars events throughout my childhood. In my teen years, I was greatly inspired by Kathleen Kennedy who is now the president of Lucasfilm, but I’ve been following her journey ever since I heard about her as a little girl when watching the Raiders of the Lost Ark bonus features. Kathy has such an incredible life story about how hard work and perseverance can truly bring you all the things you wish for in life. I had a photograph and interview of her from a Vanity Fair article taped to my mini-fridge in college because she inspired me every day to take on new challenges with a positive attitude. I was lucky enough to meet her very briefly in person at the Solo: A Star Wars Story premiere in 2018 and it brought me to tears! She is my hero because she’s proven that women do belong in the film industry and can be very successful if they let nothing hold them back.

In your opinion, who do you think is the most important hero in pop culture today and why?
Hmm. This is tough! I think we’re lucky enough to have so many important heroes right now. Personally, I feel like Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels has been a hero to many people since her debut in 2008. I’ve met fans around the world of all ages and genders that have said Ahsoka was a beacon of light in their life. Her character faces some intense struggles and challenges during The Clone Wars. I think people consider her a hero because of the way she faces adversity and overcomes obstacles, both mentally and physically, with grace and courage.

How has our modern era of heroes inspired or influenced you?
It’s difficult to even sum up the impact of heroes, fictional and real, on my life. I had a difficult time adjusting to life in college and didn’t feel like I really fit in with the people around me, but the heroes that I look up to inspired me to be myself and be different, because that’s what makes us all so amazing. I also recently started my own business last year, which was a huge leap of faith, but felt like I needed to have courage like Kathleen Kennedy, Princess Leia, and Ahsoka Tano to make my dreams a reality. It’s incredible to have so many positive influences!

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