SDCC Preview Night Rundown

July 19, 2018

SDCC Preview Night Rundown

Preview night at San Diego Comic Con was so busy, for the con but also for us at Hero Within. The total we made last year for the entire Comic Con, we smashed in just three hours! This year is proving to be the best yet for us at SDCC and it all continues later today!

DC Comics

Our latest Superman blazer is on show at the DC Comics booth and it looks EPIC! You can catch it there at booth (#1915) or for an even closer look, head over to our booth at #2407.

But it’s not only us doing big and wonderful things at SDCC. Whilst you’re at the DC booth you can check out the costumes of DC’s upcoming and eagerly awaited films. First up you have two costumes from the Shazam movie – his suit and the costume of Freddy Freeman. DC really have done it again with the detailing on their suits, this one is incredibly detailed and looks fantastic!

Not only that, but SDCC has also given us a more detailed look at the Aquaman movie. Just like Shazam, the costumes from the set are on display at the DC Comics booth and they are glorious. We have Arthur Curry’s costume along with Mera’s. Again, the detailing is phenomenal and everywhere you look, you see more and more of it.

We also get a first full look at Black Manta – the villain in the Aquaman movie. This can be found at the Lego booth (#2829) along with some awesome Lego displays – could they be a hint to what could be in the movie?


Although Marvel doesn’t have a huge presence at this years’ show, there are still plenty of Marvellous treats around! Lego have recreated Marvel characters into huge Lego sculptures From Infinity War – we have Thanos! Let’s hope he doesn’t click his fingers before we get to see the Warner Brothers panel!

Marvel are also showcasing their latest games on their booth (#2329), allowing you to go head to head with other players OR you can just give the game a try before you buy! As I was walking past, a member of the Marvel team were giving our copies of the Daily Bugle and said to head back to the stand later today for an announcement!

In addition to this, there seems to be a mysterious car also on the booth. It is draped with cloth, but it is next to an Iron Man display, could that be a clue? Again, the Marvel team said to head back to the stand tomorrow to see the big reveal!


With it being preview night, the volumes of cosplay were pretty low, but the ones that we did see were fantastic! But I’m sure today will redeem that! Here are two of our favourites;


Gamora, Guardians of The Galaxy

Game of Bloggers

After preview night the Hero Within team and guests headed to the House of Blues for the fourth edition of Game of Bloggers. It acts as a night for bloggers, writers and influencers to meet up, meet new people, have a few drinks and a great night.

Our vendors were at the ready with great merchandise to sell and talk about!

1138 Clothing



Chosen Wan

Britnee Braun

Pixiegift Fashions

Guests were given the chance to win exclusive goodies from those vendors and other great and geeky companies, as they were given raffle tickets.

And, towards the end of the night, even Boba Fett caught wind of the party and wanted to join in!


Overall preview night was a huge success, and we want to thank everyone who has made that possible. See you all tomorrow for another crazy day at Comic Con!

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