SDCC: The Power of the Panel

July 17, 2016

SDCC: The Power of the Panel

Panels at SDCC are one of the biggest reasons why people attend. Fans assemble to interact with the creators and talent of their favorite shows, movies, and other popular art. It's a bunch of love showing love in one big city. San Diego Comic Con is known for having the most epic and revelatory panels too. From The Avengers revealing Josh Brolin as Thanos to the cast of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which in itself was the launch of something more special than any of us could've ever expected. Then there's highly anticipated content that we've never seen, some people the rest of the world shouldn't miss out despite what the studios say; recall the controversy with last year's Suicide Squad and Deadpool trailer leaks.

Aside from Hall H and grand ballrooms, there are more to panels than celebrities and big trailer reveals. There's fan-to-fan interaction and also that nerd life enrichment. Here's why attending panels of all magnitudes is key at SDCC:

  • Running With Your Tribe - When you attend a panel, you sit amongst the same people of your tribe. They have the same interest. There's potential here to meet new friends and connect on the same level. This is especially true when you attend smaller panels with specific interests. Attending a panel like "Professionals With Nine-to-Five Jobs Who Cosplay" versus "Batman: A History Of the Dark Knight" (I just made those up) will make you feel like the panel is catering to your need and people whom you can relate rather than just a general interest. Yes, we all love Batman, but you're trying to find more time to cosplay despite your job.
  • More Interaction - While it's great to be a part of the grand vibes and action of Hall H, attending a smaller panel with specific interests will allow questions during and after with the panelists if they stick around. Nerds love that connection, and having this access at smaller panels is too good an opportunity to pass up.
  • Start Something - By attending smaller panels that cater to a need of yours or a way to level up your nerd life, you're more inclined to start something like a nerd blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel. This is vital and key because you've just gone from consumer to content creator. You've been inspired to inspire.

With hundreds of panels offered at SDCC, there are plenty of reasons to attend, rest your feet and level-up your nerd life. Make it worth your time by visiting a spectrum of panels from Hall H to smaller, more intimate ones where you can get more interaction and contribution to the geekdom.

What panels are peaking your interest so far at SDCC? Will you be camping out for Hall H?

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