Suicide Squad: Beyond the Expendable (Theories and Conspiracy)

August 12, 2016

Suicide Squad: Beyond the Expendable (Theories and Conspiracy)

It's been a week since Suicide Squad hit the theaters. There are those who live and die by the brutes of Belle Reve and those who step over the mess never looking back. But most walked out of the theater not knowing how to express what they witnessed.

Luckily, Hero Within founder Tony Kim gives us a descriptive and relatable review of one of the most surprising and talked about comic book adaptations. So if you need help putting a tent over the circus, give it a read.

But I'm here to give some of the backstory and content that may have been overlooked during the movie. There were references and assumptions in Suicide Squad that we have taken for granted as we were dazzled or puzzled by the debut of Harley Quinn, a new Joker and just the expectations of DC digging themselves out of a BvS hole.

Bye Bye Bird Boy - Earlier this week, Suicide Squad director David Ayer confirmed that the Joker, this one played by Jared Leto, was responsible for killing Robin. Remember that Robin suit with the "HAHAH Jokes on you, Batman!" from BvS? Yeah, that's THIS Joker's doing. Oh, and Harley too, allegedly. Say what you want about Leto's performance, this Joker will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. We see that in his active pursuit of Harley, his break out of Arkham and of course the death of Robin in a "laughing" matter to Batman. All of this, and we haven't even seen him as the main villain to Batman yet. This script for SS only had him as a side-story, which means the biggest laughs are yet to be had.

Let Justice Unveil - There have been hints of the Justice League in the past two DC movies along with the official trailer dropping right before the release of SS. Now, we know how the dialogue between Amanda Wahler and Bruce Wayne plays into the new JLA assembly and origin. But with Bruce's idea of shutting down Task Force X and letting JLA take care of the meta-humans, I can't help but wonder if Wahler will continue to run with her rogues. The whole reason she started the Squad was to even out the odds, fighting fire with fire. With the JLA on the scene, conflict can easily arise in the DC movies between Batman and Wahler as they have many times in the comics.

Harley's Ride - A green light for a Harley Quinn solo movie? It was more like a Las Vegas casino sign from the 80's. Obvious. Harley and Margot stole the show. Moreover, the Joker's motivation and Harley's ulterior motives were a driving force that moved SS along. The depth of their relationship was expressed in their "sacrificial" acts, risking their lives for each other. Also, that "grape soda on ice and bear skin rug" line was a huge indicator that the Joker knew Harley on another level. Don't forget that final scene in Harley's cell. It was the perfect ending for the perfect beginning of her upcoming movie.

Deadshot or Alive - Will Smith's performance as Deadshot was a surprise to many. Again, being overshadowed by Harley and Joker, no one expected Smith and his obscure character to carry the whole team both in the movie and during press tours to get fans hyped up about this unique comic book adaptation. Deadshot can become its own spinoff series in comics or DC animation like Deathstroke's rise in popularity, but his character may need more time to come out of obscurity before getting a feature film. With reconciliation with his daughter and shaving time off his sentence, there's still much to redeem in the life of Floyd Lawton. Also, kudos to Will Smith to be at this point in his career, peaking and leading the pack.

There were a lot of other details and stories that could've been expounded like Deadshot and Harley's side-affair or Wahler's run-in with the Bat, but as most know, a lot of what was originally filmed was edited out.

DC's pipeline of movies is stacked pretty high and mighty stretching all the way to 2020. It's hard to see where another Suicide Squad would fit in if the film is proven "successful" over time. It would however, be interesting to see how their story is interlaced into other DC stories, adding density and broadening the DC universe.

Either way, there will be much to theorize and debate about, which is what these villains have successfully accomplished.

What scenes or story lines from Suicide Squad stuck out most to you? How do you think Suicide Squad's story will affect the rest of the DCU movies?

Sound off in the comments below!



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