Superman's Costume on CW's Supergirl

July 30, 2016

Superman's Costume on CW's Supergirl

Rocketing from another planet, Supergirl comes into a landing into the CW/DC universe. She is welcomed and received with open arms from the whole family- Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Last season, when Supergirl was on CBS, we got a glimpse of the potential with her Flash crossover episode and we loved it! Now, not only do we have more crossover opportunities but the chance to expand the DC universe to include Superman! Played by Tyler Hoechlin, this will be the first time to see Superman in the small screen since 1997. It's been way too long.

Just after San Diego Comic-Con, a publicity shot of both the the 'Cousins of Steel' was released. It was an awkward shot and not impressive of Kal-El. Hoechin was awkwardly positioned and his Kryptonian suit looked plastic at best. However, these new behind the scenes shot gives much more life to the costume and we get to see it from multiple angles. Taking cues from DC Comics, this version is a nice blending of both the recent cinematic version and the current Supergirl world. The brightness of the costume is a return to form for the Man of Steel which is a good thing. The suit lines are definitely inspired by the 'New 52' comic book suit giving an armor look. And it's good to see the yellow return to the House of El symbol of hope which was missed from Supergirl's costume. Even though we don't know much about Hoechin's take on Superman, he seems to fill out the suit nicely. 

Overall, we are pleased with Superman's style and really look forward to the new season of Supergirl. Hopefully the response and success would spawn his series of his own?! What do you think of his new costume? 

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