Death of the Flash... Hoodie

December 20, 2016

Death of the Flash... Hoodie

Growing Pains.
It's been a tough week. I have been personally making my way through our inventory to make sure it is up to my standards of excellence and quality. Long story short, I don’t believe the Flash Hoodie meets my expectations of a 'premium' Hero Within product. It’s fine as a normal hoodie but not for the premium price we charged. There were a couple of last second decisions made that caused the product to change much more dramatically than expected. Basically the hoodie we received came out a little more red-orange and in a lighter material than the heavy spandex/cotton blend. While we can’t afford to financially lose product, more importantly, we can’t lose the trust from our customers or compromise our brand. So with great sadness I decided to pull hundreds of hoodies until we can get a new run. What we have is still a quality product, but we will wait till the original premium version before making it available on our site. It was a painfully tough decision and I appreciate how many of you have been so supportive while we experience these early growing pains. I've lost sleep over it and the very thought of disappointing pre-order customers have made me sick. I'd like to blame Flashpoint and Barry for this mishap but I can't- I can only blame myself. For that I am truly sorry. Regardless of the reasons, I am responsible and I will do whatever it takes to make it right with anyone I have disappointed. Again, your grace and support has been amazing. At this time we are getting time estimates for a new run and following up with pre-order customers.

On the positive side, everything else that came in was of my expectations and quality. Some of you have already received your coats and the feedback has been stellar. Thank you all for traveling down this crazy journey with us and for your flexibility. We are committed to bring you nothing but excellence and great customer service. We'll let you know when the new hoodie is on it's way. If you are interested in this current hoodie, just contact us and we will make them available to individuals for a more reasonable price (


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