Trevor's Hero Story

November 21, 2016

Trevor's Hero Story

Trevor may look like a super powered evil villain but he's far from it! We've gotten to know know him online the past few months and not only is he a cosplayer and Comic-Con fan but all around awesome nerd, Check out his hero story. 

Who were you childhood heroes, fictional and in real life? Why?
I was a Superman kid - Mom's tights, tall red socks, and Dad's red underwear.  From the beginning, imagining myself with super strength and the ability to fly was above and beyond what any other hero could offer.  I always loved Superman's ability to approach an issue with uncompromising hope - they called him the "BoyScout" because he had an almost childlike ability to block out the negative, play by the rules, and still come out on top.  I think my Dad has always been a hero like that for me.  He taught me about how to think about people, the world, my faith, and my family.  I consider him one of my closest friends in adult life and one of the smartest and most humble men I've ever known.  And, I also have to say my Supergirl wife, Stephanie.  We met in high school and from then on she has been a consistent source of inspiration, challenge, and encouragement to me.  Her capacity for strength, love, faith, and commitment amazes me and I am eternally grateful to get to do life with her.

In your opinion, who do you think is the most important hero in pop culture today and why?
I think, at the moment, Wonder Woman is one of the most important heroes in pop culture today.  She shares many characteristics with her close crime fighting partner, Superman - but with a wonderfully unique origin, background, and personality.  I think her balance of passion and power translates really well to a positive symbol for young girls (and boys).  And, we can all benefit from having female heroes to look up to.  With so many options of male heroes to choose from, it's exciting to see a female hero take that spotlight and demonstrate this isn't a "boys club."  Given comic's history, I'm hopeful that we can see more strong female heroes that don't depend on their sexuality or vulnerability to be relevant, but can show us what it means to be a heroine - and I think Wonder Woman is helping to lead that charge.

How has our modern era of heroes inspired or influenced you?
I think the modern era of heroes has inspired me in a couple ways.  First, I think it's enabled me to reflect on the unique gifts every person has.  While none of us can fly, or run at super speed, or wield a ring of infinite power, reading comics and watching super heroes on the big screen reminds me that we all have been given tremendous and unique gifts. With just the smallest effort, we can see each other in an entirely different way if we learn to appreciate and encourage those gifts in one another.  Second, I think the modern era of heroes has really widened my ability to see the importance of diversity and listening to people.  One of the things we've seen in the last 5 years is a lot of origin stories.  And, while some of them seem similar and even repetitive with reboots and introductions on the big screen etc., I think it's done a lot to remind us that everyone comes from somewhere unique.  Maybe you got exposed to radiation, or are an orphan (from this planet or another), or were born into riches, or saved from a life of crime or poverty - we all come from somewhere and our own origin story matters.  If we spend time to listen to each other's origin stories, I think it goes a long way to bridging the gaps that can so easily form in the modern world.

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