Wait! Who Is This "Deathstroke?"

September 02, 2016

Wait! Who Is This "Deathstroke?"

If you woke up this past Monday to a half orange cyborg ninja staring you in the face on your social media, you can thank Ben Affleck for that. Believe us, we are thankful.

Who is this "Deathstroke?" Why is he a big deal in the DCU? What does he have to do with Batman? Also, who's behind the mask?

  • Origin - Deathstroke (aka Slade Wilson) made a debut in the Teen Titans 80's comics. His resurgence in The New 52 series (2011) helped him grow in popularity as the highest skilled assassin and mercenary who became more and more appealing. Non-comic book readers know Slade from the popular Batman: Arkham video games where he gives The Dark Knight a run for his cape throughout the whole series.
  • Universe - Deathstroke is a hired assassin in the DC Universe, he's paid to take out anyone and everyone as long as payment goes through, which potentially puts him in the story of any of the JLA. For example, he made an impressionable debut on the CW's Arrow, but in the animated movie Flashpoint, we see him fighting Aquaman's kingdom.
  • Skills - Being the most advanced, skilled, technical, agile, and strategical assassin out there, Deathstroke is second to none. His tactical skills are natural, and his speed and agility were enhanced with a government project that he wanted while pursuing to be the best in his job.

How he will play a role in the upcoming Batman/JLA movies? At this point no one knows. It's alleged that he may show up at the end of the JLA movie to transition himself as the main rogue for Batfleck's solo movie.

The questions "Who's under the suit?" is yet to be answered. If you've tracking clues at all, you may lean on the theory of Joe Manganiello because of his "new haircut" and how he just started following some of the DC higher-ups.

Whoever it may be, we're just happy they're throwing a more obscure and deserving rogue in the spotlight. Deathstroke is an exciting character who has layers yet to be peeled back before a general audience. Based on what we've seen so far, he's getting the job done.

***Bonus***: Deadpool's real name "Wade Wilson" is a running inside joke from the many coincidental characteristics Rob Liefield composed when creating a character similar to Wolverine plus Spiderman. They ran with Wade to keep him as a "relative" to Slade.

***Double Bonus***: Check out Deathstroke go toe-to-toe with Ra's Al Gul in Son of Batman (one of his biggest features in a film)

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