Welcome to Hero Within!

July 04, 2016

Welcome to Hero Within!

Greetings nerd and welcome to Hero Within! My name is Tony, AKA @Crazy4ComicCon. If you follow me on social media or from my blog, you know Comic-Con has been a big part of my life. Growing up as a lonely nerd in Texas, I didn't have too many cons to attend. Little did I know so much of my future life would be shaped by con culture. Years later, I moved to California and went to my first San Diego Comic-Con in 2006. In just 10 years, not only has so much changed with SDCC but so much has changed in my own life. I started as a curious fan, to devoted attendee, to press, to employee, to moderator, and now creator. Like issues from a comic book, I can almost chronicle my life's journey by looking back at various Comic-Cons. My latest, most exciting AND most scariest chapter now begins with Hero Within- and many of you have helped get me to this point. Now I ask for your help again. 

While geek culture has exploded in the past decade, men's fashion has hardly taken a step. Fortunately, female fashion has taken some bold leaps in the past few years. However, the men are stuck in a temporal vortex with basic graphic tees and hoodies. 'They' say guys won't shop or that men don't care about clothes or their appearances. I don't believe that and after talking to hundreds of my peers, neither do they. Geek men, more than ever, are now in position of influence as creators, businessmen, entrepreneurs and community developers. Whether it's online or in the office, it's time to express fandom as well as raise the level of style and sophistication. You geek gals out there, Hero Within is for you too. While at this time we don't have your clothes options, you have a chance to outfit your friends, dads, brothers, boyfriends and husbands. I need you too.

I believe there is a hero in all of us. We each have a story. We each struggle. And we each have overcome. Partnering with DC Comics™, my hope is that this initial collection will celebrate the heroism of fandom. However, I can't do it without you. If you want to see geek culture take a step, please support Hero Within by buying, blogging, tweeting, Instagramming, texting and by shouting about us from the rooftops. A great team has assembled and I'm proud of them and what we have created- I hope you are too. 

In future posts, I will share the process of how Hero Within was birthed, the creative process, the driving philosophy and what's in store for the future of our company. The team is so excited for this blog and we look forward to taking this journey together with you. Now it's time for you to shop and share...

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