What We Learned At LA Comic Con

November 05, 2016

What We Learned At LA Comic Con

LA Comic Con was our second show we have exhibited at and each time we do it, we learn so much. The real time feedback and interaction is invaluable in shaping us as a company. Here a few lessons we learned from our booth at LA Comic Con:

  • Since our collection is subtle, there is an education process that has to occur. From afar, our coats may look like just stylish men's apparel but nothing screams fandom. However, once visitors got into the booth and inspected our line up close, they were blown away. This is the tension of creating a subtle line- we want it understated but not difficult to understand. Overall the feedback was very positive with many people saying they have been waiting for a apparel line like this.
  • What was most popular coat you ask? The Batman Peacoat really is the game changer. Guests became instant fans when they saw the Peacoat in person. The craftsmanship, weight and details just blows everyone away. With that said, because of the mild California climate, it wasn't our best seller. Hoodie culture is prevalent in Southern California. So while the Peacoat is our best seller online, at this show the Flash Hoodie performed the best.
  • The Batman Blazer was a big eye opener for many. No one has ever considered creating a coat like this and it got quite the response (and orders) from business men and professionals. We love all of our coats but the blazer collection will be what will change fashion forever.
  • For those that visited our booth, we recruited test audiences for our DC Comics short sleeve, button shirt collection. We showed about a dozen different shirt concepts and asked for votes on which ones we should produce. Sorry, we can't reveal our designs yet but we got great feedback and it was obvious which designs we should pursue. More on this soon and thanks to all that participated.
  • We were taking preorders and it was glaringly obvious that in the future, once we have product on hand, they will sell like hot cakes. No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars and leave empty handed. With that said, there were still plenty of preorders made and we were so appreciative of the support and belief in us.
  • Because of the educational process, showing at key comic cons will be important to us. At this time we are setting our sights on WonderCon in Anaheim in the Spring. By then we'll be loaded with our full collection of coats and shirts (unless they sell out first online)!
If you stopped by our booth, thank you for visiting with us. If you preordered, welcome to the Hero Within family!

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